Welcome to my world.

Welcome to a place where reigns passion, the urge to experiment and the combination of old and new.

Welcome to a fascination of the versatility of wool and textiles.

In the middle of the Baltic Sea, in the heart of Svaneke, half-way between the harbour and the village square, I run my own textile production, my own workshop and my own shop.


Kokolores is an old German slang expression meaning playful, spontaneous, unplanned, whimsical. (and according to one source, balderdash!) I heard it a lot while I was growing up;

I work opposite. Opposite the tyranny of fashion. Opposite “buy-and-throw-away” behavior. My focus is on durable, stylish, timeless, informal; on manufacturing responsibly and on materials of the most exquisite quality.

Kokolores suits me very well. The design of any garment is a meticulous task where attention to detail is paramount, but add to this an urge to create, the love of material, being spontaneous and sometimes excentric. Its irresistable!

It’s me.


I create all models and designs myself. A pattern-maker prepares them for sewing at a small, Danish-owned company in Poland. The fabrics I use are meticulously chosen in Sweden and Italy; many are from the last collections of large fashion houses like Armani, D&G and Prada, amongst others, and therefore have a limited availability. Most of the knitwear is made up by a small manufacturer in Jutland, the rest is made by me, in my own workshop, during the long Bornholm winter! The wool itself is directly imported from spinners in Scottish, Italy and Peru.

Welcome to my world.

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