Timmi B. Kromann


I grew up in a small village in Northern Germany where needlework was a part of life.
This meant, that at a very young age I was already trained in many textile techniques. And it was here that my fascination for being able to create and shape with so few things as a thread and a needle, took its starting point.

Today, this fascination is still my motivation. The thread is the starting point, it triggers creativity in me. There is a knowledge in my hands, it has been there since I was little and I have combined it with an education as a textile designer specialized in knitwear. With its many qualities, properties and possibilities for transformation, wool is my favorite material.


I live on an island in the middle of the Baltic Sea.

On Bornholm I am surrounded by sky and sea, water and air, something essential. Here I can see far. Simple, clear lines that give peace in my mind. The horizon is always present. I take that into my products.