Kokolores is a small textile company on Bornholm.

Timmi B. Kromann is a textile designer specialized in knitwear. In 2001, she established a workshop, company and shop in Svaneke.

Her focus is on long-lasting products, on good working methods and on materials of the highest quality.


All products are developed in the workshop in Svaneke

The wool is imported directly from hand-picked spinning mills in Italy and England.

Most products are knitted at the workshop in Svaneke - some products are manufactured in collaboration with a knitting mill in Jutland/ Denmark.

The fabrics come from the big fashion houses in Italy (Armani, Prada, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana .....) and are leftovers from their latest collections and are therefore only available in a very limited quantity of meters. This means that every single dress, shirt, coat, skirt…. can only be produced in smal limited editions , sometimes only once. Therefore, these products are only sold in the store in Svaneke.

The products are sewn in a small sewing studio in Poland with good working conditions.


Maybe you remember wearing a favorite sweater when you were a kid. One that you have had for many years, one that you have taken care of because you loved it, one that you repaired when there was a hole in it.

Kokolore's wish is to produce "favorite products" - products that are not dependent on the whims of fashion. Products that last for many years. Products that are long-lasting in expression and material and that is comfortable to wear.

Kokolores goal is to produce products with good conscience.